• Winter Tipi

    Tipi at the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations

    Winter Tipi
  • Agora Award Winner – 2014

    The AGORA Awards honor business excellence in the greater Spokane region and we are proud to have won in the Large Non-Profit Category!

    Agora Award Winner – 2014
  • Simply Beautiful

    Vocals recorded by residents Abby and Teniaya. Background vocals by Raleigh Brown and Anah Tomeo.

    Simply Beautiful
  • Prevention Basketball Clinics

    The HL7N provided several basketball clinics in the seven tribal communities designed to provide addiction education and early drug screen.

    Prevention Basketball Clinics
  • The Healing Path

    A film and PSA about hope. Produced for the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations, Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians and the Quinault Indian Nation.

    The Healing Path
  • HL7N Recording Studio

    A very talented team takes residents from first time song writing to the final stage of recording their own songs.

    HL7N Recording Studio
  • Perception

    The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is proud to release Perception. Written, recorded, and produced by The Healing Lodge residents and staff.

  • Chris Herren

    Chris Herren is a former NBA Basketball player, an author and motivational speaker. Herren struggled with substance abuse for much of his basketball career.

    Chris Herren