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The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations provides an intensive inpatient treatment program within a four building complex located on 50 wooded acres in Spokane Valley, Washington.  The location of the facility within a residential neighborhood provides for a feeling of isolation and quiet making the experience more like being miles out of the urban setting.

The architecture of the buildings is very symbolic - a central circle which is surrounded by the three main buildings and the beautiful timbered land and basalt rocks of the natural woods.  The overal design of the treatment campus evolved from Mother Nature, the site itself. The treed and hilly terrain and additional facilities include recreation fields (baseball, volleyball, basketball, horse shoes), traditional Native American sweat lodges (one for males, one for females), a large medicine wheel, talking circle, and walking trails all contribute to a feeling of openess that many other programs only dream of.

A circular theme continues in the interior design of the main building.  Four "wings" move outwards from a central area called "Fast Track" where the staff responsible for 24-hour, 365 days a year oversight of the residents allow for efficient care and security.  Three of the wings provide the living facilities for the youth in the various programs and the fourth provides office space for counselors and meeting rooms.

A full size gymnasium allows for indoor sports and the same building houses a circular culture room where residents work with staff to explore Native American arts and crafts and share with our full-time Culture Specialists the various stories and songs.  Also included in this building is a weight room, and a recording studio for the Music/Expressive Arts Program.

The third building houses the Food Services Department involving a large kitchen and dining room that can be divided into two meeting rooms.  The School is also in the same building complete with computers and audio visual equipment to highten the residents' education experience.